Dawn Thompson.jpg

It’s very difficult to be a tenant of the Conti building without knowing who Dawn Thompson is. She has been an integral part of the building for so long. Since January of 2005 to be exact. Ten of those early years also allowed her to work with her dad, ‘Bucky’, who was also employed here at the building.

Dawn had just moved back into the area from Florida and was renting a storage unit. At that time, the office manager was Linda James and before long it would be Linda that would hire Dawn to help out with secretarial duties here at the building. Her duties ranged from office support and storage rental unit management to building rental logistics. Currently she has been working less in the office and more with janitorial duties around the building as she prepares to start a new chapter in her life down in Maryland.

Over the years Dawn has both seen and been part of many of the changes at 415 Howe and has very fond memories. One such memory is as a mother she would receive birthday cards from Mrs. Conti for her children. Mrs. Conti would include a $5 bill for her kids and it is memories like this that makes it hard for her to leave all the people she has come to know and love here at the Conti.

Personally, I have to admire her dedication and appreciation of this old place as I have seen her painting and sprucing up bathrooms, hallways and other areas of the building. You might say it’s her last ditch effort to leave her mark on this place and I applaud her for it. You can’t help but love her dedication.

Sadly, she is leaving us, but don’t be too sad. She is looking forward to her move to Maryland where she will be living on three acres of land in “the middle of nowhere”, as she describes it, to have fun riding four wheelers, getting muddy and having fun with her kids. She has, however, promised to stop by for a visit whenever she is back in the area.

In closing and on behalf of the staff and tenants of 415 Howe Ave., I would like to thank Dawn for everything she has done. We wish her all the best of luck and good fortune as she begins a new chapter in her life.